The ongoing journey of Tomás Correa

My Journey with Sports

The ongoing journey of Tomás Correa

Tomás Correa

Marketing and Communications  Intern

Born on 2nd September 1995 at Lisbon Portugal with many dreams, he grew up playing football. A humble and energetic person always tries to motivate who is around him. Left his hometown at the age of 18 to pursue his dreams. He started his Under graduation in Sports Management in the United States.

At present, he pursued his postgraduation MSc Sports Management for Loughborough University, United Kingdom. Along with that He was doing an internship with the marketing department for the football team and Helping online his friend’s company with marketing.

His Relationship with Sports

His connection with sports and physical activities is something like “the relationship between living beings and food." Like all living beings need food on a day-today basis similarly Tomas feels that he needs to do sports and physical activities regularly. The born with sports and his parents also encouraged him to do sports. He started playing football when he was 8 years old. He started his football journey as a striker eventually he enjoyed more being a goalkeeper due to his arm injury at the age of 12.

At the age 12, he felt he was little fatter than everybody else then he just kept going with his goal-keeping. At the age of 13, he grew up quick in three months. He understood that he was better than a lot of other people in his country. So, He continued playing football for Benfica (one of the best football academies in Portugal) for 4 years. He played in Benfica till he was 17 and then he went to Belenenses which is a first division team for two years to finish his academy life.

With sports, he grabbed the opportunity to go to America on a scholarship and played football for three years. Then he moved to the UK for his masters and he started more focusing on his masters.

Now He either does gym every single day or go for a run or play some football every single day to keep himself attached with sports and physical activities.

What he enjoys most about sports?

He is a team player and the thing he enjoys most about sports is the memories which are created off-field. He says, “The social moments with different people where you find out about yourself and that’s when you find none of these are easy i.e. working with people."

Sports gave Tomas ‘everything’. Sports gave him friendship, gave him a network, gave him challenges, memories. He feels what he is now as a person most of this is because of sports.

Tomas’s Goals

He loves sports, he desires to share this love with others and wants to help others through sports. In the future, he wants to see himself as working in the sports marketing department. and in 10 years he wants to play a crucial role in the development of football “to provide access to football in a remote area."

How he motivates himself?

He tries to motivate himself by observing other people around him. A lot of people influenced him his parents, his friends, his coach, teacher, and teammates. He wishes he would have met Late. Bill Veeck an American Marketer responsible for many sports marketing ideas.

His opinion about Sports

Tomas feels that sports play an essential part in everyone’s life. In Portugal, Physical Education didn’t count for the average of the high school which he feels not good because sports are responsible for teaching social and physical skills to a person which is more necessary for today’s society and more essential for this generation kids.

Last but not least Tomas is an open person. He welcomes all who want to connect with him, he believes that “we learn from people we meet." and He doesn’t want to miss any learning opportunity in life.

Bill Veeck used to say, “I’m for the dreamers. The only really important things in history have been started by the dreamers. They never know what can’t be done.”

Tomas Correa

Favourite Book: Marketing Rebellion by Mark Schaefer

Article by:

B Kiran Kumar


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